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Boycott the Football World Cup in Qatar in 2022.
No to pollution and the non-respect for the environment (football in the desert is as fucking stupid as winter olympic games where the snow does not fall).
No to the dictatorship of money and the non-respect of basic human rights.

I implore you to boycott this threat against humanity:
It’s time to stop consuming and polluting for nothing. Earth is burning and there is no planet B (even Elon Musk won’t save you).

I’m so sad to see how stupid you human beings can be.
What about fighting together against the apocalypse that is coming very soon instead of shooting ourselves in the foot like fools?
Hey fucking dude, wake up! Look up!

If you’re ready to make some efforts, you’re welcome to my website. Otherwise there is no hope…

💣 Kick GAFAMs out (✔️ ǝlƃooפ, ✔️ ʞooqǝɔɐℲ, ✔️ uozɐɯ∀): Stop giving our soul and money to evils, be free and respectful!
📰 Friday 2. April 2021: upp is a panda companion. It’s a Lua-scriptable lightweight text preprocessor.
🆕 since December 2020: Playing with the actor model in an embedded multicore context. C imperative components become C stream pure functions with no side effect ➡️ C low level programming with high level pure functional programming properties 🏆
📰 Saturday 30. January 2021: Playing with Pandoc Lua filters in Lua. panda is a lightweight alternative to abp providing a consistent set of Pandoc filters (text substitution, file inclusion, diagrams, scripts, …).
🆕 Sunday 24. May 2020: Working at EasyMile for more than 5 years. Critical real-time software in C, simulation and monitoring in Haskell ➡️ perfect combo! It’s efficient and funny ;-)
🚌 And we are recruiting! Contact if you are interested in Haskell or embedded softwares (or both).

My Haskell goodies

Christophe Delord

My experience with Haskell

After a few years learning and playing with Haskell on my spare time and working with Haskell for a few month, I can tell that its qualities are not a myth.

I recently read an article that summarizes pretty well what I fell about Haskell. In Mastering Time-to-Market with Haskell Chris Done highlights some attractive and powerful characteristics of Haskell.

Haskell cumulates the advantages of several other languages:

I’m currently using Haskell in a simulation and monitoring environment for a critical real-time embedded software. The embedded software is itself written in C and communicates with its environment on Ethernet and CAN buses. The simulator and monitor are written in Haskell using only standard modules:

And it runs pretty well.

My first intuition on Haskell being a great general purpose language is now confirmed.

My Haskell goodies

This web site contains some free Haskell programs I wrote.

Haskell is a great functional language.

For any question about these softwares (bugs, tips, …) you can contact by email.

A Pandoc filter
A text preprocessor for Pandoc
Snake puzzle
A brute force backtracking snake puzzle solver
A brute force backtracking Sudoku solver
The classical N-Queens problem
The classical heelo-world like problem for functional languages
A old game that you can play against the computer
Le compte est bon
“Le compte est bon” in Haskell
Handy Calc
A real programmer calculator

More funny things coming soon…