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#BoycottQatar2022   ┇   Why everyone should boycott the World Cup in Qatar

🆕 since August 2022: LuaX is a Lua eXtended interpretor/cross compiler providing a bunch of useful modules (statically linked, no dependency). Nice integration with upp (new functions and modules available to extend upp macros) and also with a soon released but yet confidential project about actor oriented programming!
💣 Kick GAFAMs out (✔️ ǝlƃooפ, ✔️ ʞooqǝɔɐℲ, ✔️ uozɐɯ∀): Stop giving our soul and money to evils, be free and respectful!
📰 Friday 2. April 2021: upp is a panda companion. It’s a Lua-scriptable lightweight text preprocessor.
🆕 since December 2020: Playing with the actor model in an embedded multicore context. C imperative components become C stream pure functions with no side effect ➡️ C low level programming with high level pure functional programming properties 🏆
📰 Saturday 30. January 2021: Playing with Pandoc Lua filters in Lua. panda is a lightweight alternative to abp providing a consistent set of Pandoc filters (text substitution, file inclusion, diagrams, scripts, …).
🆕 Sunday 24. May 2020: Working at EasyMile for more than 5 years. Critical real-time software in C, simulation and monitoring in Haskell ➡️ perfect combo! It’s efficient and funny ;-)

LuaX: Lua eXtended

Christophe Delord - http://cdelord.fr/luax

LuaX interactive usage

The luax module provides a few functions for the interactive mode. These functions are also made available to LuaX scripts.

In interactive mode, these functions are available as global functions. luax.pretty is used by the LuaX REPL to print results.

local luax = require "luax"

is the fun module.


returns a string representing x with nice formatting for tables and numbers.


changes the format of integers. b can be 10 (decimal numbers), 16 (hexadecimal numbers), 8 (octal numbers), a custom format string or nil (to reset the integer format).

luax.precision(len, frac)

changes the format of floats. len is the total number of characters and frac the number of decimals after the floating point (frac can be nil). len can also be a string (custom format string) or nil (to reset the float format). b can be 10 (decimal numbers), 16 (hexadecimal numbers), 8 (octal numbers), a custom format string or nil (to reset the integer format).


calls inspect(x) to build a human readable representation of x (see the inspect package).


prints inspect(x) (without the metatables).